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An app development process can be completed by following either of the two steps: either you can hire an in-house team of developers or you can outsource your app idea to a suitable development company.

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Multi-Platform App development Outsourcing

Outsourcing, in most cases, is better than having an in-house development team as it offers a much more extensive range of experience and skills as compared to an in-house development team. Further, outsourcing firms possess specialization in developing apps for various businesses and can solve any issues on demand. With application development outsourcing; you have a variety of choices unlike with an in-house development team.

Let’s take a look into The Platforms; our developers are skilled enough in developing an App as per your preferred technologies.


Fronted & Full Stack


iOS Android Flutter React Native Angular
CodeIgniter Angular JS JavaScript ReactJS Vue Js
CodeIgniter Node JS Ja Va GraphQL API PHP .Net Python

Mobile app development process outsourcing

Here you will get everything you need to know about Mobile Development Outsourcing

Understand your Mobile app requirement

This is the first and the foremost step in which you have to decide precisely what type of app you want. It means deciding the niche of the app. Next is to decide your target audience like where and to whom you want to market your app. The third point is to decide a budget for your mobile app development based upon its features and overall functionalities and lastly decide the mobile app platform for your app. Once again let us understand these four points in brief:

⇒ Defining the purpose – Here you need to decide the core purpose of your app. For example, there are multiple niches like healthcare, education, entertainment, business, etc. So you have to decide your app’s niche.
⇒ Market Trends & Demographics – Once the purpose is decided, determine your target audience for which you need to study the demographics based on age, gender, interests, choices, etc.
⇒ Determine the budget – Decide a budget for outsourcing Mobile app development. The budget must be built by taking reference to similar apps and your app’s complexity and features.
⇒ Deciding Mobile App Platform – Keeping your target audience in mind, decide the mobile platform for which you want your app to be built. There are primarily two popular platforms – Android and iOS.

Search for the appropriate Outsource Mobile App Development Company

This is a very important step because here you are going to choose the outsourcing company you are planning to partner with. As we mentioned earlier, India is becoming a popular destination to outsource IT related projects. It is because India offers a wide range of customized and quality-oriented IT services at affordable prices. The Ninehertz is one such IT company that is operating since 2008 and delivering quality services to its clients all over the world. To cut the long story short let’s understand what points should be kept in mind while choosing the company:

Expertise – The Outsource Mobile App Development Company must possess relevant expertise in the mobile app development domain. The company should be fully equipped in implementing complex features & functionalities in your app.
Experience – Expertise and Experience go hand in hand. Therefore the company you are planning to outsource should have good industry experience in serving customers and delivering successful projects.
Portfolio – Make sure to check out the company’s portfolio to understand the types of mobile app development outsourcing projects it has delivered successfully in the past.
Cost and time – Ask the company for a timeline of the app development project while requesting for the quote to get an idea when the app will be available and at what cost.
Maintaining Security and confidentiality – The outsource company should have a strict privacy policy and your credentials must not be shared with a third party at any cost.

Establishing App development project’s Blueprint

Creating a blueprint means establishing app development milestones once you have chosen a mobile app Development Company to outsource. These milestones refer to major checkpoints in the project that mark the time frame or deadline for specific tasks during the development phase. This is explained below with the following pointers:

Establishing milestones – These milestones are nothing but major checkpoints in the app development project so that we can track the major tasks in the development phase.
Keep a track – The milestones help to keep a track of your entire plan or schedule and you can ensure whether the activities are in the right direction or not.
Setting up payment structure – Setting up payment structure under work progression helps in making the app development process quicker and ensures the timely delivery.

Convenient Outsourcing/Hiring Model

Full-Time Hiring

Works only for you.

Working Hours 8hours/day, 5days/week
Communication Skype, Email, Phone
Billing Monthly

Part-Time Hiring

Prefer better half for your business.

Working Hours 4hours/day, 5days/week
Communication Skype, Email, Phone
Billing Monthly

Hourly Hiring

Need a few hours of attention to the work.

Working Hours 5days/week
Communication Skype, Email, Phone
Billing Monthly

Contractual Hiring

Agree on your condition when needed.

Working Hours 8hours/day, 5days/week
Communication Skype, Email, Phone
Billing Monthly

5 Solid Benefits of Working with Khanh Nguyen Media


We provide flexibility and freedom in scaling your resources according to the project’s deadline and requirements. Khanh Nguyen Media Engagement Model is quite flexible that allows business enterprises to seamlessly collaborate with our skilled IT professionals for their business needs.


We have a rich experience of working with multiple industries and, that makes us an ideal choice for specialized services in various service domains. With our highly qualified and experienced team, you will get uninterrupted support and assistance at your doorstep.


Business enterprises prefer India due to its low development cost and high quality. That’s the reason Vietnam is gaining immense popularity as we provide quality with affordability, unlike in the case of other offshore locations. So it’s better to hire developers from Vietnam rather than having a full-time in-house team.


For making any project successful, the integration of skilled IT engineers who meaningfully contribute to the project to deliver impactful results is a primary condition. Khanh Nguyen Media has a talented pool of resources that smoothens project bumps effectively and within the deadline.


With IT outsourcing services, businesses can get reliable, dedicated, and pocket friendly software services. Hence, outsourcing helps in taking care of your specific software needs, and you, on the other hand, can focus strategically on the core services and maximize the level of business performance.


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

What is outsourcing app development?

Outsourcing app development simply means when business units and startups avail the services of experienced app developers through outsourcing and not from an in-house team. So startups can outsource mobile app development to build apps through application development outsourcing. For many countries, India is becoming a popular destination to outsource app development due to its quality and affordability.

Is outsourcing cheaper than an In-house Team?

Yes, outsourcing is way cheaper than hiring an in-house team for development. You can outsource mobile app development to a tech company that is well experienced in providing customized mobile app development services. You can cut down several expenses in terms of salary, maintenance, machinery, rent, etc. if you outsource your work to a company specialized in this domain.

Can i understand the process before start?

Yes, the process is quite simple. We, Khanh Nguyen Media, are top quality app development service providers working for companies and startups all around the world. You can contact us via email or a phone call and our customer care executive will explain to you all the details in and out to give you a good idea about the overall app development outsourcing. Many companies are outsourcing app development to India as India is the hub of talented and experienced app developers. Hence, feel free to give us a call and start your business journey now.

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