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The Internet has changed our lives, drastically. The present era is full of the appliance which is connectable to the internet. We have reached a stage where gadgets are operated easily through devices, even if we are far away from them. Khanh Nguyen Media, leading IoT app development company is generating an idea that has extraordinary features and an extreme connectivity range. Getting pro-active IoT solutions is a click away. With the hard work and dedication, our experts have practiced several years and have knowledge of the latest IoT trends. Users can add features to their IoT app and pay only for the chosen feature.

Khanh Nguyen Media offers customized plans and a broad spectrum of connectivity. We have introduced the IoT app development services keeping the need of every industry. Now get the IoT solutions with the best IoT mobile app development company in Vietnam.

  • IoT Mobile App Development Company
  • IoT Application Development
  • Backend & API Development
  • Application Development For IoT devices
  • IoT Gateways Development
  • IoT Implementation & Support
  • Connectivity with Wearable devices
  • Voice Enabled Technology Solutions
  • Data Analytics

Custom IoT Application Development Services We Offer

IoT App Development Company

Do you have doubt about IoT solutions? We have experts happy to assist you at zero cost. Get a free consultation now!

IoT Gateway Development

We help you to reach your business goals. That why we offer the gateways for your IoT app development at a budget-friendly cost.

Backend & API Development

The team is expertise in such a way that it presents the complete backend services to our clients and make a happy work for them.

Application Development for IoT Devices

We are the one stop for all the IoT solutions. Our experts will help you to building IoT applications that fits-in your venture.

Data Analytics

Our IoT developers crunch the numbers at the best and make the advance level data analytics which matches your business requirements to reach the business goals.

IoT Application Development Services

We have expertise app programmers who deliver highly secure and compatible solutions. Get a win-win deal with the flexible strategies of Khanh Nguyen Media.

Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Our custom IoT application development services maintain compatible wavelength with all types of devices and connect easily with it.

Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

Our IoT app development company offers the voice-enabled technology which serves the advancement plus makes the IoT experience much delightful.

IoT Implementation & Support

We not only build an outstanding IoT solutions for you but take the responsibility to maintain it throughout. One can contact us anytime and we take charge to solve the query at the prior level.

How We Approach for IoT Development?

Khanh Nguyen Media is listed among top IoT development companies and the secret mantra behind the step by step organized structure follow by the team. The methods followed by us

Identify the problem

Analysis of the solution

Selection of Hardware

Building a compatible platform

Testing and implementation

Support & maintenance

What is IoT Development Technology and how it works?

IoT (Internet of Things) is the extension of the connectivity of devices through the internet. One can connect any device and operate it remotely. It can be any interrelated devices such as mechanical and digital machines, watches, home appliances, etc. It not only tracks the external data but also shows the internal data of the connected device. The common people have started interacting with IoT in the various forms. We are familiar with the Amazon Alexa that works no more than a companion, smartwatches that trace the heartbeat and daily activity, home appliances that can be operated remotely, smart doors that needed a various unified identifier to get it unlocked, in-built sensors in various cars, smart cards and what not. These changes have migrated our lifestyle and raised the level of luxury. Let’s find out how IoT works.

The basic working methodology of IoT is divided into 5 parts

Part 1
Integration of the device with the sensor is required at the initial stage. It is needed to track the various requests and aspects.
Part 2
IP address
IP address is the communication protocol given to every internet-connected device. It gives the location system and unique identification on the network. So in order to communicate with another device, it is important to assign an IP address to the devices.
Part 3
IoT Gateways
Creating a path between the two devices is IoT gateways. We can connect two devices through multiple channels such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE, iBeacon, NFC, etc. It creates a bridge between the devices to share the information.
Part 4
Cloud Server
When the device is connected through gateways, then it needs space from where data gets in the process. The cloud server is the place where the request from gateways goes and retrieves the data. Likewise, it helps to process the data and make the device work smartly.
Part 5
IoT Application
It is the administrator of the device which controls its activities from remotely at any time. It sends a command through cloud servers. Once the server receives the request it sends it over to the other device through gateways. These gateways deliver the commands to the sensor network and it performs the command and requests back to the server. Thus, the server recognizes the command and sends back the related information to the IoT application.

Part 6
User Interface
This is the last stage, where the user is notified about the action with the help of a notification or an alert sound sent to the IoT mobile apps. This way the user will know that his command has been run through the systems.

Industry-leading Internet of Things App Development Tech Stack Process

Data Analytics
✅ Data Process and Analytics       ✅ BIGDATA       ✅ Machine Learning
Connectivity Between Devices
✅ 4G LTE     ✅ Wireless     ✅ NFC     ✅ Ethernet     ✅ GSM Network     ✅ Bluetooth     ✅ i.e (2G/3G and SMS)
Supported Protocols
✅ HTTP        ✅ UDP        ✅ AMQP        ✅ HTTPS        ✅ MQTT        ✅ SNMP        ✅ TCP        ✅ XMPP        ✅ Weave        ✅ CoAP         ✅ AlUoyn        ✅ MODBUS
Cloud Platforms
✅ AWS         ✅ Windows Azure         ✅ Google Cloud         ✅ IBM Bluemix         ✅ ThingWorx
Driving forces for IoT
✅ Miniature Boards         ✅ Sensor         ✅ Power Connectivity         ✅ Cloud Sync         ✅ User Application
Web Services
✅ RestFul Service         ✅ OAuth Authorization Services         ✅ SOAP Services         ✅ Thing API***
✅ OPENIoT         ✅ Alljoyn Services         ✅ HomeKit         ✅ Brillo         ✅ Thread         ✅ Weave         ✅ Nest
Operating Systems
✅ Data Process and Analytics         ✅ BIGDATA         ✅ Machine Learning

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