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Get high-performance, interactive and scalable apps with the best Cross Platform App Development Company. With a “one-code-fits-all” feature, we ensure that your cross platform app looks attractive on each platform and functions the same way.
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We Offer App
Development Services

We have expertise in conveying best of cross platform app development services to our clientele which comprises the development of UI/UX design, wearable apps as well as web-based and AI integrated apps.
We ensure efficient QA testing along with app maintenance and support post its deployment on the app store.

AI Integrated Cross Platform Apps

As technology is ever-evolving and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of technology. Khanh Nguyen Media qualifies to handover AI integrated cross platform apps.

Wearable Cross Platform Apps

We provide the facility of developing hybrid wearable apps that enables users with augmented user experience. Thanks to cameras and sensors’ integration to the mobile apps.

Web Based Cross-Platform Apps

Sometimes downloading an app feels burdensome for many of the users. We provide the best alternative of applications; Web-Based Cross Platform apps with the world’s best design.

Custom Multiplatform App Development

Being the leading multiplatform application development agency, we offer custom hybrid app development services that are tailor-made to effortlessly run on multiple operating systems.

Cross-Platform UI/UX Design Services

Thanks to a dedicated, experienced team of UX/UI designers, Khanh Nguyen Media enables delivering cross-platform apps to the requisites with fantastic User Interface (UI/UX) and less execution time.

Cross Platform Apps Consulting

We offer software development service to help businesses build effective strategies, manage market risk, overcome challenges, and launch a single cross-platform app for all operating systems.


Benefits of Cross-Platform Application Development

In recent times, the popularity of hybrid application development is rising immensely. It has benefited businesses in unimaginable ways. Due to its amazing advantages, all the enterprises and startups are using Cross-platform development technology. Most significant Cross-Platform App Development benefits are:

Reusable Code

Developers can use same code across all the platforms instead of writing fresh for every platform resulting in eliminating repetitive tasks.

Fast To Develop

With the deployment of a single script, the cross platform app development process becomes much quicker that ultimately leads to better management.

Less Development Cost

As you no longer need to spend on developing applications for separate platforms, a huge chunk of your cost is saved. Thanks to cross platform app development.

Easy Maintenance

With Hybrid app development, you only need to focus on one single app as this same app works on all platforms, thus making maintenance and updates very easy.

Effective Reach To Target Audience

Multiplatform mobile apps are compatible with all the platforms resulting in a higher reach to the targeted audience. Cross-platform apps are the best way of popularizing your app in less time.

Simplified Cloud Integration

Hybrid mobile apps are easy to integrate with the cloud for hosting services. Single code source can be integrated with multiple extensions and plug-ins making the app more functional.


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

Cross Platform App Development bestows a plethora of app development frameworks that businesses can choose considering their project requirements. Khanh Nguyen Media, a leading cross platform app development company, has expertise in delivering robust, performance-oriented mobile apps using topmost tools and frameworks.

React Native




We Offer Hybrid App Development Solutions To Different Industries

Khanh Nguyen Media offers custom Cross-Platform solutions to every major industry in the market. Our expert programmers are capable of building hybrid mobile apps for every industry.







Oil & Gas



Social Network



IoT app Development

iOS App Development

Flutter App Development

Android App Development

React Native

Wearable App Development


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Cross Platform Development And Native App Development?

The applications built with the help of cross-platform are compatible with multiple platforms, whereas, Native apps are developed exclusively for a specific platform. The development of these apps is done in a language that is compatible with the platform. Most cross-platform apps are confined to iOS and Android operating systems.

Which Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework Is Best? React Native Vs Flutter?

REACT NATIVE: It is introduced by Facebook which allows the mobile app development on various platforms to deliver native-like performance. React Native has very few pre-developed components and one can reuse the code only for Android, iOS, and Windows Apps. It is fundamental, and code performance is excellent since there’s no web view. Testing needs an emulator or mobile device. It is used by many renowned firms such as UberEats, Facebook, etc.
FLUTTER: It is powered by Google, considered one of the best native-like performance tools for mobile development. It is more popular than React Native. The reason behind, it uses Dart, a programming language that has many advanced features to make the work go easy and attractive.

Why Hybrid Mobile App Development Is Better Solution?

Hybrid Mobile App Development allows developers to perform coding once so that all platform-specific apps can be generated using that same code. Hybrid app development comes with cost and time effectiveness which is one of its main benefits. Also, it is scalable and takes less development time.

How Cross-Platform App Development Can Benefit Your Business In 2021-25 ?

Reduced development cost
Easy implementation

Integration with the cloud space
Almost no such complex updates

Quicker development

Why React Native Is The Best For Cross-Platform App Development?

React native is considered best in the following ways:

Less Debugging time

Platform-specific UI elements
High Performance

Common codebase

What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Developing A Cross-Platform Application?


Lesser Development Cost
No Complex Updates

Unlimited use of the created code
Easy implementation

cQuicker development
Integration with the cloud space


Lags in performance
Sometimes it uses the camera and microphone of your device

Lack of storage options

Average Graphics